Responsible tourism is tourism that is carried out
according to principles of social and economical justice,
with full respect toward the environment and culture.*

*Source: AITR (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile)

The historical Mediterranean networking dimension consequences

the historical Mediterranean networking and the culture and art dimension

The historical existence of two different models in the Mediterranean area, the “mono-centric” one and the really “networking” one, has produced relevant results in the Mediterranean culture and art dimension, that have important consequences related to the Sustainable Tourism. The “mono-centric” model produced enormous damages to the local culture and imposed the culture and art patterns of the hegemony centre to the other areas (not excluding, of course, influences of those areas to the hegemony centre); for example:

  • the Roman Empire built arenas for gladiators bloody spectacles in any important town and the colonial powers reproduced their architectural patterns in any occupied area;
  • religion, art expression and culture (including the hygiene practices!) of Muslims and Jewish were prohibited in the Catholic countries for centuries.

On the other side, the networking model permitted and promoted a more intercultural reality; for example:

  • the Carthage emporium system was based on the mixing between hegemony elements (in politics, religion but especially in economy) and multi-realities at cultural level;
  • the Ottoman Empire permitted Christian and Jewish religion, culture and art within his borders;

The differences between the two models and between their consequences in the culture and art dimension can be an interesting tourist element now, especially in the Sustainable Tourism, and also an important guide-element for the characteristics of the new tourist activities that want to be really ethno-friendly managed.

Promoting the knowledge and the analysis of the historical processes concerning the local culture as a tourist elements in the Sustainable Tourism, means using all the interactive and amusing methodologies for transforming these elements in a new additional dimension to the normal ethno-tourism and historical tourism.

The importance of these elements is higher in the case of the use of an approach that promote the network dimension of the Mediterranean History as tourist element, because in this case it’s possible to show and to compare different situations of historical impact on the culture and art dimension.

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