Responsible tourism is tourism that is carried out
according to principles of social and economical justice,
with full respect toward the environment and culture.*

*Source: AITR (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile)

Historical concept of tourism and its consequences

not-Sustainable Tourism and its economical consequences:

A not-Sustainable Tourism is a big temptation for National and Local Institutions and for tourist operators but also for building entrepreneurs, illegal and criminal organizations, etc. for its wide economical consequences:

  • direct increasing of land value and easy occasions of high profits for the building sectors;
  • direct creation of job opportunities in some sectors with positive consequences for the local politic representatives consensus;
  • connections among local corrupted institutional representatives, business people and criminal organizations;
  • occasions for criminal organizations of money-washing, investing and creating opportunities of racket, gambling, prostitution activities and drugs traffic.

At the same time, a not-Sustainable tourism creates the following main results:

  • higher level of pollution of the sea, the land, the underground waters, destroying other economic sectors (like agriculture), damaging the same tourist sources and increasing the social costs;
  • low direct economic benefits for the local people, concentrated to a very restricted group and destruction of other job opportunities (in agriculture, commerce, cultural patrimony preservation, etc.);
  • high danger of growing up of criminal organization presence and actions, destroying the true free market and promoting a violent climate that is damaging each economic development;
  • economic negative consequences of the savage buildings and damages to the natural sites, the landscapes, the cultural patrimony, in the infrastructure costs, medical services costs, energy consumption, and tourist perspective too;
  • high costs for post-catastrophe interventions.

At a wider scale, the main economic consequences of a not-Sustainable Tourism are:

  • growing of energy consumption (in many cases also of energy import);
  • growing of the dependence from foreign models, instruments, foods, etc. (in many cases also from foreign technologies and experts);
  • growing imbalance between tourist poles and surrounding areas in job opportunities, income levels, prices, value of lands, demography, cultural characteristics, attitudes of the youth people, etc.;
  • distortions in the credit sector;
  • introduction without control of foreign models of living, eating, human relations, values, etc.;
  • growing of the national influences of the corrupted local political actors, businessmen and criminal organizations.

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